The scope for illuminated signage is almost limitless with the manufacturing capabilities of Centurion Signs. Our common options are based on ‘Fret Cut Panels’, ‘Face/Halo Illumination’, and Neon.

Why you should consider Illuminated Signs

On average in the UK we see daylight 51% of the year. However, when you look at our winter months (Nov – Feb), we see daylight for less than 10 hours a day on average. More than this, even during the hours of daylight things can be pretty dull; the weather can make daylight visibility poor. So when this is factored in, we really don’t get many clear bright days.

This is frustrating from a marketing point of view, and can also be an issue from a wayfinding point of view; How will customers find you? How will visitors find their way? Will visitors miss key information? How will this affect them?

So let’s look at your options…

Fret Cut Panels

Fret Cut Panels are typically an aluminium sign box with the letters/logo cut out from the face. The letters/logo are manufactured from acrylic (either opal or coloured) and can either be backed up or pushed through the aluminium sign box.

Choose from a variety of colours so that the signage matches your brand!

Face/Halo Illumination

Face or Halo Illumination is the most popular method of illuminated letters and shapes. It is very similar to ‘built up letters’, but you can have light emitting from either the face or out the back of each letter/shape.

The depth of the letter is dependent on font/illumination style. With almost every colour available, choose your colour to make the sign stand out on dark nights!

Faux Neon Signage

These are designed to look like Neon, but at a reduced cost and better wear and longevity.

LED effect neon lighting is all the rage now, and they are manufactured as LED flex strips used to simulate the appearance of neon. This ensures significantly reduced running costs and a longer lifespan than traditional neon, without the concern of the gas reducing, affecting the longevity of the sign, as well as flexibility in design.

Ready To Transform Your Signage?


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Our Services

Flat Cut Lettering uses CNC cut text and logos, which can be mounted onto various surfaces.

These can either be stood off, bonded directly or mounted using a carrier letter.


Built Up Lettering is 3D letters that are commonly manufactured from aluminium or steel in various thicknesses. There are unlimited choices of colours and finishes.


The scope for illuminated signage is almost limitless with the manufacturing capabilities of Centurion Signs. Our common options are based on ‘Fret Cut Panels’, ‘Face/Halo Illumination’, and Neon.


Signs that are designed to project out 90 degrees from a building to optimize visibility on the street. Can be illuminated or non-illuminated in various ways.


Post and panel signs are typically staked in the ground with suitable foundations, and are ideal for businesses that require signage around the exterior or nearby their property.


Signs that protrude from the ground. Typically manufactured from powder coated aluminium to give a premium look.


Share a company message/brand, convey inspirational messaging or simply use it for decoration purposes and brighten up dull wall spaces.


Digitally printed vinyl, CAD cut etch vinyl, printed etch vinyl or one way window film offers you a chance to dress up any glazed area with window graphics, or just keep compliant with building regulations.


Why not take your brand with you wherever you go? A well branded vehicle offers you on the go, cost effective advertising throughout the areas that you work.