Monolith Signs Stand Up Tall & Communicate Your Brand

May 29, 2023

Let’s start with a question that may be at the front of your mind right now; what are monolith signs? Well you may also know them as ‘Totem’ Signs, and they are typically freestanding and made from two folded sign panels that includes artwork space from the base all the way to the top.

Some common uses and places you will see monolith signs are: commercial estate branding, place-marking, directory signs, roadside wayfinding signage or in any situation where you require maximum visual impact.

So now you know, you may realise that they are everywhere around us, and for good reason! Here are the benefits and impact they can have:

Benefits of Monolith Signs

Excellent Visibility

The first major benefit is how visible monolith signs are! Firstly they can be, and are often, double sided. So they are visible from multiple angles. Secondly they can be visible from further distance depending on their height (which as many examples will show, can be pretty darn high if you like).

Provided there is no issue with planning permission, there is no limit to the size that a freestanding sign can be built. Increasing the height of monolith signs enables them to be read from further away, as someone passing by is less likely to have their view of it obscured by the traffic, hedges or whatever other possible obstacles sit in front of them. This gives them more opportunity to notice it and a longer time to read the information being displayed.

No Support Needed

The next benefit that these excellent signs offer is that they don’t have to be fixed to a building, wall or fence; they are free-standing. As a free-standing sign, they have their own structural frame that enables them to be placed almost anywhere.

Unlimited Design and Illumination Options

Free-standing, double-sided monolith signs offer so much more freedom when it comes to design. Be it shape, size, illumination, flat signs or a complicated frame… You can create something quite special and striking if you want to. And with good illumination your sign(s) will be seen 24/7!

What to Consider When Selecting You Sign Manufacturer

Almost more than any other type of signage, the importance of selecting a good manufacturer with monolith signs is vital. A strong and durable structure is key for longevity and the final quality of the look. You want your sign to withstand bad weather and high winds, as well as maintain vivid artwork.

Here are some examples of monolith signs made recently by Centurion Signs:

At Centurion Signs, we design, fabricate and install all of our signage solutions to rigorous standards. So if you would like more information, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us today.