How Well Produced Vehicle Wraps Can Build Your Brand

May 13, 2023

In some of our recent articles we discussed the actual benefits that advertising with Vehicle Wraps or Graphics can provide. These articles looked at the ‘soft’ results, e.g. the general affect they have on audiences and how they can elevate your brand. However, most successful companies measure their marketing results with hard numbers, and we therefore thought it be helpful to look at some of the statistics behind using vehicle wraps in the UK!

Are Vehicle Wraps Worth It?

According the UK Government statistics, the average driver in our country spends 1 month behind the wheel each year. This is a serious amount of road viewing time every week, which means we see A LOT on our travels!

So what are some of the more interesting stats?

  • As of December 2021, and according to the RAC Foundation, there were 39.0 million licensed vehicles on the roads in Great Britain. That’s 39 million sets of eyes, not to mention the potential passengers and conversations that ensue about the things they see around them.
  • According to American statistics, 91% of vehicle users notice advertising on trucks and 35% actually study these advertisements in detail. Although the UK doesn’t hold a similar stat, we must assume the human attention in a similar situation won’t be too dissimilar.

Is it Cost Effective?

There are many benefits that are harder to quantify from a financial point of view such as brand awareness, the brand opinion that’s created based on the design etc. However, let’s look at a simple cost comparison; we’ll compare Vehicle Wraps, direct mail and radio advertising.

Say you invest in a vehicle wrap for 1 van… on average in the UK 3000 will see your van every day. So this would equate to about 5p per 100 views throughout the course of a year. This compares with around £2 per 100 with direct mail and £1.20 per 100 on the radio… You also have the added benefit that this investment will continue to become even more cost effective as time goes on!

Why We Say ‘Well Produced’?

You’ll notice in the title of this article we say “well produced”… The reason for this is with all the eyes you’re going to have on your vehicle wraps, poor quality and mistakes could actually then be rather costly to your success… Without investing in quality, you could be creating a very poor image for your brand. So read our article on “What to Look Out for in a Fleet Graphics Supplier” to learn more about the pitfalls of poor quality and how to ensure you aren’t caught out!

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