How LED Illuminated Signs Vastly Increase Brand Visibility

Apr 29, 2024

In this article we look at the statistical benefits of LED Illuminated Signs.

Before we explain the statistical of LED Illuminated Signs and how they are far more beneficial to your brand, we want to recognise that they are often a larger investment than non-illuminated signage… Or so it seems… Have you heard of the saying ‘leaving money on the table’?

What it’s important to remember is we live in the UK… The weather is very changeable, and winters are long and dark.

So why invest in a sign that will only be effective 50% of the time (max)? What opportunities are you missing with poor visibility for passing trade?

The Realities of the Requirements for LED Illuminated signs

On average in the UK we see daylight 51% of the year. However, when you look at our winter months (Nov – Feb), we see daylight for less than 10 hours a day on average.

More than this, even during the hours of daylight things can be pretty dull; the weather can make daylight visibility poor. So when this is factored in, we really don’t get many clear bright days.

Now this article isn’t meant to depress those living in Britain! It’s purely to guide you on your signage investment, as without illumination your investment will only be seen half the time and be easily visible for even less time than that.

This is frustrating from a marketing point of view, but could be seriously damaging from a wayfinding point of view!

How will customers find you?

How will visitors find their way?

Will visitors miss key information?

How will this affect them?

LED Illuminated Signs Vs Non-Illuminated Signs

Exact stats on the success of illuminated signs versus non-illuminated signs are hard to come by; businesses trade at different times, location is key, plus a load of other factors.

It is fair to say, however, businesses with illuminated signs during darker hours will fair far better than the same businesses next door with no illumination!

A very interesting survey carried out in Detroit, USA, asked 750 on-premise businesses from a variety of industries 4 key questions about LED illuminated signs v non illuminated. Respondents overwhelmingly agree a lit sign helps perform the following marketing functions (as measurement on a 7-point scale):

5.99- Helps business to attract customers

6.27 -Enhances store image and brand

6.19 -Helps communicate business’ location

6.14 -Reinforces advertising as part of integrated marketing communications

The choice of LEDs over traditional lighting is also key, as the savings that can be made over time are large. The details of this can be seen in our previous article ‘How LED Signs Are Revolutionising Illuminated Signage’.

It’s Your Choice

We understand there are many signage suppliers out there ready to serve you. The decision you have to make is, which type of sign. At Centurion Signs UK, we are here to help and support you throughout your journey. We want you to have an awareness of all our product offerings, to ensure you are able to make an informed decision as to which is right for you.