A History of Supplying Industry Leading Signage in Glasgow

Apr 29, 2024

Let’s look back at our incredible history of signage in Glasgow.

As we near 2023, Centurion Signs are a company that have more than left their mark on signage in Glasgow… You may not know it, but you can’t drive far without having a sign fabricated by us within view, but where did it all start?

Let’s explore our journey from a small clock face printer in the 70s to the industry renowned signage manufacturer we have become today!

The common theme to this journey is perpetual motion… Much like some clocks.

Signage in Glasgow is Always Moving Forward

How did we go from here…

To here?!

We opened our doors in 1971 in East Kilbride, just outside of Glasgow. The company was setup as a traditional screen printer and managed a small contract printing clock faces (judging from above we can’t escape them!). Our owners, who were very hands on at the time, were obsessed by innovation and creativity, which we believe was a deciding factor in the contract they expertly supported with significant output.

At the time screen printing was a widely used method of sign manufacturing, although many sign writers continued brush in hand… So with the efficient capabilities the company had in the 70s, Centurion Signs quickly made its way into producing signage in Glasgow.

Everything from directional signs to shop front signs were printed in-house and installed by Centurion Signs. However, when it came to more complex signage, the company worked with local fabricators to support these jobs. Although high levels of quality control was maintained through the keen eyes of our owners, they always felt the full control they had in-house provided a better solution to our customers.

Fast forward 30 years and at the turn of the millennium all fabrication was brought in house in-line with a large factory expansion.

Signage in Glasgow, and beyond, could now be designed, manufactured and installed under the consistently high standards of Centurion Signs.

As ownership changed, the highest of standards were retained, and importantly the company ethos of innovation in fabrication maintained also!

Our Mark on the Glasgow Skyline

Our large state of the art facility is now revered on the industry, but we have proudly maintained many of our traditional methods that not many can offer. This allows for ultimate freedom and creativity from our design department; A string that has become very useful in our bow as we have produced some of the most iconic signage in Glasgow. Some of this you may recognise from below.

As we began in this story, we believe in perpetual motion and continuous improvement. This is always part of our company strategy and an ethos installed into each and every member of our talented team.